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Studying the Beatitudes was a joy for our group. Jesus set before us a guide to happiness and this study brings the words and teachings of Christ alive in a new and fresh way. One thing I love 

about this study is learning the deeper meaning of each beatitude and how it applies to our daily lives. Jesus clearly came to set the captive free and this study helped each of us yearn for that 

freedom and the blessings of being made whole mind, body and spirit.

Susanna | Don't Worry Be Happy

In a world of constant movement, noise and busyness, God asks us to be still and know Him.  Teddy’s study of Psalm 46 is a call to return to a resting and reliance in Christ.  This study draws you into a more personal companionship with God. In addition, the questions beautifully encourage open and transparent growth in group discussion circles. Be Calm My Anxious Heart will strengthen your understanding of all God has prepared for you to experience.

Greta | Be Calm

The “Living the Balance Life” study of The Lord’s Prayer taught us a new and exciting way to appreciate this familiar prayer. Each lesson took one phrase of the Lord’s Prayer offering interesting background, scriptural connections and fresh insights into Jesus’ familiar words. The prayer became personal promises from Jesus to us giving us great encouragement for our daily walk as Christians. This is a study we could repeat often and always grow with it.

Anna | The Lord's Prayer

“The Wisdom Tree” introduced Proverbs in the most welcoming and exciting way. We quickly learned that wisdom is what we should earnestly seek in order to live

the fulfilling life God promises us. We learned what God’s wisdom tells us about respect, favor, responsibility, fear and joy. Teddy’s conversational approach and interesting insights made this Old Testament book exciting and relevant. We have truly been changed by “The Wisdom Tree”, and it made the book of Proverbs very treasured scripture to us.

Anna | The Wisdom Tree


What a joy it has been to do Teddy Orr’s bible study the last ten years. Teddy is a gifted teacher with a love for the scripture. She teaches with a sense of humor and a joy for the Lord that is contagious, always pointing you to a deeper

relationship with our Heavenly Father. If you want a deeper understanding of scripture and greater joy in your faith, you and your group will love these studies!

Karen | Be Calm

If you want to more fully understand “ who you are” and “where you are going”—this insightful study of the Lord’s Prayer is the perfect place to begin. Teddy’s easy to follow lessons are full of scripture, real life God Moments and laugh out loud examples which will open your eyes and heart to Jehovah Jireh—our provider.  Living the Balanced Life is ideal for both new bible study students as well as experienced bible scholars. Be prepared to grow in your faith journey!

Greta | The Lord's Prayer

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